Offline Access

Offline access


e-learning for Kids (EFK) designs and provides quality courseware education to children around the world. The purpose of this agreement is to establish an understanding regarding usage and compliance between EFK and those entities who will be utilizing EFK courseware.

If you do not have Internet access, we offer some of our lessons via a download link for local / offline access. Please fully complete and sign the appropriate form below which outlines terms of use and email it to us at [email protected] so we can review and process your request.

The User of EFK Courseware Agrees as Follows:

  1. The EFK courseware is to be used only for non-commercial purposes.
  2. Upon receipt the courseware will be installed on an unlimited number of computers for usage free of charge only within the agreed upon site.
  3. EFK will be acknowledged in communication messages from the user organization as the provider and developer of the courseware.
  4. Changes or modifications will not be made to the courseware.
  5. EFK has the right to request information on the use of the courseware and to obtain feedback on the courseware for purposes of research and input for new courseware development.
  6. The user organization will provide EFK with pictures of children using the courseware, testimonials from children, teachers, educators and other users as well as usage information and/ or other valuable statistics.
  7. EFK will only provide courseware on CD-ROM for those courses for which it owns the rights for distribution.
  8. Disclaimer: While EFK has made every effort to maintain accurate information on the courseware, the courseware may contain errors or omissions. EFK makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy, suitability, or safety of the information. All such information is provided “as is”, and with specific disclaimer of any warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non- infringement. In no event shall EFK, it’s volunteers, employees, agents, attorneys, partners/companies, or anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the courses/pages, be liable for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use of the courseware or any linked site.
  9. Copyrights: Text, photos, and other materials are the property of EFK. This excludes materials that have the written or verbal consent of its legal owner. Text, photo, and other materials cannot be reproduced without prior written consent from the foundation.


Please fully complete the appropriate form below which outlines terms of use and email it to us so we can process your request.